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Welcome to the new blog – Golden Rush!

Hi everyone!

Mom & Dad - before and after!

We have no idea how many people are still following this blog, but we decided to start it up again for the next couple of weeks.

Tel and I have the immense joy of being with my folks in the Yukon for the next two weeks. My Mom and Dad just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and this trip is our gift to them.

If you’ve read this blog before, you know that the four of us like traveling together. PEI, Argentina, Uruguay, Ireland…we’ve been to a lot of places together!! And we love it enough to keep doing it!

So this edition of the Never the Right Time blog is dedicated to them–my folks and Tel’s outlaws–for their 50th anniversary. As a tribute to them, we’ve called it “Golden Rush”, in honour of their golden wedding anniversary. We love you Mom and Dad, and are looking forward to another adventure with you!

Melissa & Tel


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