Since we’ve had so many travel  blogs over time, we’re going to start compiling all previous blogs in this one spot.  Please bear with us as we populate these links.  In the meantime, feel free to browse the old blogs!

In 2007, Mel strapped a pack on her back and set out on her way to Chile, Argentina and a bunch o’ other places….

Here’s her story.

After Mel got back from abandoning Tel on her solo trek through Patagonia, they decided to go on a 6 week road trip to test their relationship.  After many stops at Tim Horton’s and some windy roads through the Cape Breton Trail, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, they found themselves as far as the road would take them in Labrador, Canada.  They took a few crazy turns, almost got hit by a caribou and then met “the Outlaws” in PEI.

During this backpacking trip through Brasil, Argentina and Uruguay, you’ll find stories of strangers at bus stops, the ups and downs of eating uncooked meat (literally) and some lessons in why driving in Buenos Aires isn’t great for a bad heart.

A little bit of work and a little bit of play found us in the Yukon Territory and Alaska.  We fell in love with the region and almost moved there.  That’s right.  Almost.

Mel’s parents told us they were going to Ireland for a fun getaway.  We gave them a Christmas present in the form of a poem that said; ‘we’re crashing your vacation, hope you don’t mind’!  After a few trials and tribulations (namely learning to drive on the wrong side of the road), we found ourselves a long way from Tipperary and crashing funerals!