Never Ending Voyage:

We love Simon and Erin’s blog!  This young couple from the UK sold everything they have in order to travel indefinitely.  Along the way, they’re building a web development business and doing what they can to become completely and totally location independent.  Great writing, practical advice, engaging Facebook updates and tweets….everything a wanderluster could want!

Round We Go:

Ryan and Laura are a recently married couple from Chicago, USA who are fulfilling their dream of travelling around the world.  Currently in Africa, they are nearing the end of their journey.  They are fantastic writers and are as open about the challenges of travel as they are about the joys.

Nomadic Matt:

A twenty-something vagabond from Boston, USA who has been travelling for a few years.  Matt has a great writing style….and he sometimes hires freelancers for his site!

Alex and Luke:

A young Canadian couple on a social-media powered journey through North America. Their goal is to travel through every state, province and territory in North America, and best of all, they let YOU participate in the decision on where they will go next.  Go to their site and watch for their “directional votes” when you’ll get to vote on which place they head to next.  Great videos, too.

Everything Everywhere

Gary has been travelling and blogging about the world since 2007. He’s currently in Canada, so of course, we *love* reading his blog!!

The Road Forks:

Akila and Patrick have been on the road for over a year and don’t plan on stopping for a while.  Right now, they’re in Africa with plans to meet up with their puppies in Europe in July.  After that, who knows?  These guys LOVE food, and love blogging about it while they’re travelling.